“Parole parole” From an external viewpoint, the masterpiece song by the great Italian singer Mina could sound like the ideal soundtrack for Italian agrifoodtech.

An environment where there is a lot of talk, where ON the stage it’s repeated like a mantra “make way to the young” but then left them on the BACKstage.

This sounds even stranger if we consider that in the rest of the world the foodtech is running at an incredible pace, as evidenced by the 9 billion invested in agrifoodtech in the first half of 2020 (source: Agfunder); a figure that should also be confirmed…

The farmer of the future will have a hoe in the right hand and a tablet in the left hand (myself).

I come from a family of peasants, my four grandparents were peasants, as were their parents before them, until the top of the family line. …


You go to your favorite supermarket or grocery store, and you find veggies grown in vertical farming through the hydroponic or aeroponic system.

In the dairy area, the cockroach milk is on display between the cow and goat variants. Some brand new areas arise: the “New and Alternative Proteins Areas” with shelves containing plenty vegetarian, insects, and lab-meat based protein products, and the “Superfood Area” with the aisles displaying Spiruline, Baobab, Moringa and Golden Chlorella.

Every product has a QR code, able to inform you about all the information collected by the different IoT sensors…


The history of cooking and food is as old as that of man

The oldest examples of food preparation passed down in written form can be traced to Mesopotamia time; the oldest recipe can probably be identified as a cuneiform series engraved on a stone table by Acadian people on 1750 B.C.

A lot of years later, in 160 B.C., Cato the Elder wrote “De Liber de Agri Coltura” (The Book of Agriculture): not exactly a recipes book but rather a handbook of agricultural techniques, with a section dedicated to the most known recipes of that time

For the first…


The stupid consider false whatever he can’t understand” (Thomas Aquinas)

Antonio Iannone

Passionate agrifoodtech professional

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